Matt Giordano at Oyoga Seville on the weekends 16th and 17th February and 23rd and 24th March during two Yoga inmersions.


Matt will be at Oyoga these weekends to work in two different Yoga inmersions (15 hours each one) in order to train specifically hips and shoulders.

16th & 17th February Inmersion (15 hours)


How to stabilize’em, rock ’em and unlock ’em

Tight hips can feel impossible to open. No matter how long you stay in pigeon, the next day it’s back to square one. Static stretching alone does not lead to flexibility.

Through Matt’s deep knowledge in bodywork, Yoga and anatomy, he will teach you how to transform once unyielding hip joints. Learn how to adjust alignment, prevent knee pain and engage the muscles to support the bone structure. This hip opener course will immerse you in the tools needed to access greater range of motion and stability, which leads to a better positioning. This will also lead you to a more advanced practice.

Weekend organization:

2 Master Class about unlock, flexibility and toning:

Rock and unlock your hips.

Core & its twist consciousness.

Hips’ anatomy and technique (the elements to control this specific part of your body).

How to sequence to reach a concrete asana.

Adjustment & assist.

All levels.

23rd & 24th March Inmersion (15 hours)


How to achieve a boundless freedom.

Shoulder openers dissolve tension and tightness in this part of your body. Learn the biomechanics that can make this easier! Many of us fall into patterns where we believe if we continually repeat an action, our goals will eventually workout. This only rings true when we are repeating a recipe for success. Matt Giordano will offer you a Yoga practice that gets you into your body and gives you a strong understanding of a complex joint that can otherwise be a bit of a mystery. Having rehabilitated his own shoulder from a nearly shattered collarbone and fractured scapula, Matt’s knowledge speaks from experience and an excitement to share the tools he has picked up along the way. This course is very useful for therapeutic and/or advancement purposes.

Weekend organization:

2 Master Class about unlock, release, flexibility and toning:

Unlock your shoulders and work without limits.

Discover the joy of backbending.

Shoulders’ anatomy and technique (the elements to control this specific part of your body).

How to sequence to reach a concrete asana.

Adjustment & assist.

All levels.

Place: Oyoga Sevilla 12, Curtidurías street 41002


Saturday from 9 to 20 h

Sunday from de 9 to 14 h

Weekend will be intensive, however it will besome breaks for breakfast, lunch and coffee. 

Language: English and Spanish (consecutive translation)


One inmersion: 250€  Reservation: 100€

Two inmersions: 450€  (50€ discount) Reservation: 200€

Payment & Reservation:

By choosing the two inmersions, the pupil gets a 50€ bonus, so the total price will be 450€. If this option is chosen, the Price has to be paid before the first inmersion’s beggining and won’t be returned in case of not attending the second inmersion. To book the inmersions you should make a 100€ reservation for each one. It can be done by cash or card, or you can also request the account number at or Whatsapp (640036286). Reservation must be done before the 4th February. The places are limited. Reservation will be returned until the 4th February.


Matt Giordano foto 2

Limited Places:

Reservation’s payment is a necessary condition to obtain a place in the inmersion.

Oyoga will issue certification of the performed inmersions for all pupils.

Matt Giordano foto 1


955 272 019/640 036 286


Matt Giordano (

Matt Giordano is a Yoga teacher and teacher teacher. His art teacher from high school provoked in him the curiosity and tenacity that eventually led him to yoga. It was Eileen Walk who told Giordano: “Do not let yourself say ‘I can not’, reformulate the question to how.”

That inquisitive and relentless spirit laid the foundation for Matt to begin a devout practice of yoga. When he joined his passion for understanding physics and the subtle alignment of the body, Matt aligned himself with his dharma as a teacher.

Originally from Sea Cliff, Long Island, Giordano is primarily based in Connecticut and Manhattan, where he teaches in studies. Matt is always on the road because he travels internationally to teach yoga.

Known for his ability to guide students deeply into postures with his refined attention to detail and accurate teaching, Giordano is an expert guide for students of all levels at festivals, workshops and in his weekly study classes. His study of biomechanics and mind-body integrative techniques are based on the wisdom of the traditions of yoga, martial arts (Aikido and Tae Kwan Do), acrobatics, AcroYoga and Thai Yoga Massage.

Matt inspires a humble confidence, allowing students to easily transfer their comfort zones.

The numerous international events allow Matt to reach thousands of Yoga students. And you can also access your growing digital content on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Place: OYOGA SEVILLA, (Spain)

c / Curtidurías 12 (local)

Make payment for one Immersion

Final price: 250,00 €
Payment: Reservation € 100.00 € plus a payment of € 150.00.
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Make payment for two Immersion

Final price: 450,00 €. 50.00 € bonus

Payment: Reservation € 200,00 € plus a payment of € 250,00.
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